About Us


GIG Domains is a domain name registrar fully affiliated with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). GIG Domains was formerly known as DotCom Registrars was established in January 2000.

Our mission is to provide low cost and secure domain name registration services. Our commitment is to provide an economic value based environment where our customers benefit! This enables our customers to rapidly secure domain names at wholesale prices. We charge neither membership fees or any other hidden charges! By using our automated registration system you have direct access to the shared registry. With real time processing, you're secure in knowing the domain name you just registered is yours! Best of all you can manage your domains anytime at your convenience!

Main Office:

GIG Domains
Palatine, Illinois 60067

Ofc: (224) 210-6230
Fax: (866) 936-7695